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Here are a few points you might need to know:

  • We are using the Eureka Math curriculum this year and following the Common Core State Standards for 6th grade math. The students do not have a textbook to take home, rather they will use a Module Binder in class.
  • We will be covering approximately 5-8 lessons/week as well as a quiz or test on most Fridays. Students can use their notes and exit tickets from class to study for these assessments.
  • Homework is given to reinforce the concepts learned in class. Most homework will be the lesson Problem Sets from the Module Binders (students will tear that page out to take home and finish). It is very important that students bring their homework back to school the next day because most of the time the next lesson is on the back of the Problem Set sheet. Homework will be a grade every 9 weeks. 
  • Students are required to have two sections in any binder for our class. One is labeled "Math Notes" and the other is "Bell Ringers." Bell Ringers will be done everyday at the beginning of class and taken up at the end of each 9 weeks for a grade. Students are responsible for missed Bell Ringers.
  • Tests and conduct sheets will be sent home every Wednesday in Tiger Folders. These papers need to be signed and returned no later than the following Friday. 



I look forward to teaching your child this year and I know it will be a great one! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.