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Monthly Highlight! 


April Spotlight

3D Parents,




Our 3D readers are working on comparing texts and discussing their similarities and differences in the month of April. We are writing an informational report in school. In order to do so, we are going through the research process, learning how to take notes, paraphrasing and organizing our information. We chose our own topics and are looking forward to sharing the completed product at the end of the month!


We have moved into area, perimeter, and geometry this month. However, please continue to support your child at home and have him/her practice math facts each night. As a reminder, completing the timed test in 2:30 seconds with 50/50 accuracy demonstrates mastery. We will also begin discussing division this month. 



We will discuss economics this month in social studies, and begin to explore the creation of our own communities in the fourth marking period. This will be an in class all encompassing project that classes have loved in the past! 

We will complete the unit "Forces in Motion" this month in science. We have already explored pushes/pulls and are looking forward to competing in the "paper bridge building" contest! 




As always, please contact me if there are any questions or concerns!



Eileen Freda