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Dear Parents, Students, and Colleagues,


My name is Mary Anne Kopecki and I am one of the Reading Specialists at Liberty Corner Elementary School. I began my teaching career in the Green Brook Township school district in, where I taught fifth grade. During this time, I saw some of my favorite childhood chapter books come alive in my classroom and my excitement for teaching reading grew. I enrolled in the Literacy Instruction program at Caldwell College to pursue my Master's Degree and my Reading Specialist certificate. This specialized trainin enables me to support, supplement, and extend classroom teaching. I branched out of Green Brook to teach second grade at a charter school in Newark, New Jersey. In this role, I was not only able to implement new strategies in my own classroom, but I was also able to coach my colleagues in the teaching of reading and writing. I am so grateful to be returning to Bernards Township for my second year in the Reading Specialist position and I look forward to working with your students this year.


This year, I am excited to work with students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  My key role is to work with students who are struggling in reading and writing.  In this joint effort, I will be collaborating with your child's teacher in creating appropriate instruction while monitoring your child's progress.  In addition, I will be providing supplementary interventions in small group and individualized settings.  You will be recieving progress reports from me at the end of each marking period. 


My primary goal is to help your child aquire the necessary skills to become a proficient reader and writer.  I will be identifying areas of need and constructing explicit small-group lessons that not only meet the student's needs, but keep students motivated and engaged in the learning process.  I strive to create a nurturing, motivational and stimulating learning environment to help children achieve their potential.


You are a very important part of this journey.  If you have specific needs or questions, you are welcome to contact me.  I will be happy to offer helpful suggestions if your child is struggling in any specific area.  I am always open to discuss your concerns.  As an educator, that is how I continue to grow.



Mary Anne Kopecki