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Welcome to PreK!!!


Ms. Megan and I are so excited to have your child in our class this year!  We are looking forward to working with your precious little ones. 


In our class, we will cultivate and water young minds using the DIG curriculum which incorporates daily, robust math instruction, engaging hands-on activities and meaningful literature, explicit oral language development with daily vocabulary lessons using WOW words, current technological  trends such as the use of Chromebooks and Desktop computers, and purposeful differentiation built into every lesson to address each students' needs.  We will actively engage our students' families in the learning process by fostering two-way communication and participation with DIG curriculum resources such as the "ME" bag, Family Fun letters and monthly Home Activity Calendars, to name a few. Also, students will be given homework nearly every day to reinforce the skills they are learning that week.  



Please let us know if your child has any allergy concerns or is taking medication for allergies or other health issues.  It is very important that we have this information to provide to our school nurse. 


Again, Welcome!  We are looking forward to a very successful and fun school year! If you have any questions, you can always reach me at (337) 667-6700 ext. 2615.