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Dear Parents,


Each week your child will receive a list of 9 words plus 1 red word that we practiced the week prior. The homework will be the same each week and will be as follows:


Monday: ABC order (including the red word)


Tuesday: Write 2x’s each (on the same paper as ABC order)


Wednesday: Picture Spelling. Have your child write their spelling word on the line and draw a picture to show the meaning of the word. 


Thursday: Sentences. Write 1 sentence for each word (including red word)


Friday: Spelling test. This will be signed and returned by Monday.  


In addition to their spelling list, I will also send home their previous week’s words, phrases, sentences or decodable stories. Have your child practice each list to increase fluency and automaticity. Attached are some activities you can do with your child.


Thank you!


Mrs. Hull