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Every effort should be made for students to be at school each day. Every absence should be reported to the school nurse on the absentee Tel-Safe line, 609-737-4005, x2. If an unavoidable absence is known ahead of time, please let me know as soon as possible by sending a note in, e-mail or telephone call. Please cc: Mrs. Jordan ( and Mrs. Markulec ( in the office as well as our school Nurse Mrs. Vaccaro (



We love celebrating birthdays in Mrs. Sydorko's class! Students are encouraged to bring in a treat to share to help celebrate their birthdays. Food is allowed, but can be tricky due to allergies, however, party favors, stickers etc. are also more than welcome! We are a NUT FREE classroom! We currently have 20 students in our class, so please make best efforts to have enough to go around for everyone.




Our classroom runs on a positive reinforcement system, in which we strive to praise and reward positive behaviors. Our systems run on a whole class and individual scale. Individually, each student has a Good Choices chart. As students individually make good choices, they are able to color in a shape on their chart. Once they color in 20 shapes, a certificate is sent home in their folder and the entire class dances to celebrate! We believe in logical consequences for actions (you scribble out of anger, you do not get a new sheet, you must use the one scribbled on.. you play with your snack and crumble it up across the table, you do not get a new snack, you must work with what you did with it). Additionally, the class as a whole can earn to remove pieces of our class Prize-O board when they cooperate together. Once all pieces are removed, it will reveal a special class prize under the pieces. 



If your child is to be picked up by someone else, attend a program afterschool or have a different change in after school activities, please send a note in to the teacher or e-mail Mrs. Sydorko ( Please cc: Mrs. Jordan ( and Mrs. Markulec ( in the office as well. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we cannot send a child home with someone not listed on their file without a written consent.



All K-5 students report to the playground or Gym (during inclement weather) at the start of the day. Bus riders wil be dropped off directly outside those locations. Car riders will be dropped off in the front bus loop and walk inside the building through the door to the right of the Kindergarten playground where a teacher will let them know where to go and how to get there. THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION: The first day of school! On the first day of school, although the entire school lines up on the blacktop outside behind the building to meet their teacher, KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THEIR CLASSROOMS. This helps build community amongst students and alleviates some of the nerves of the first day.




Morning Meeting is an integral part of the early childhood classroom. Each morning we will all meet with one another on the rug to greet each other, go over the calendar and weather, as well as our schedule. Often times, students may have news to share and will do so during Morning Meeting. We practice our math skills during calendar time, sing songs to activate our learning, do dances to energize ourselves and begin our day on the right foot.



Each week will invite a Mystery Reader to the classroom. Mystery Readers may be parents, grandparents, School Staff Members, or other members of our greater community. Sign ups will occur soon, once we are more acquainted with Kindergarten. If throughout the year you are interested in being a Mystery Reader, please contact Mrs. Sydorko at 




Separating from Mom, Dad, or a family grownup may be very difficult for your child, especially if it is their first time leaving you. This is completely normal and expected! I assure you we have been through this many times before. Please do not be surprised or offended if one of us gently takes your child into our loving arms and asks you for one final hug and kiss goodbye. This is the best thing for your child rather than prolonging your exit any longer. Although this may tug on your heart strings for a little while, I can assure you that we will give your precious one the tender loving care they need and once they are distracted, redirected, and exploring the classroom, the tears will subside within minutes.



Kindergarteners have snack every day. Please pack a healthy snack and/or drink for your child. It is helpful if your child knows where to find their snack- either by having it in a different part of the backpack, in its own separate bag (ziploc or brown bag) than their lunch or simply labeled in their lunch box. This allows for both a smooth transition to snack time as well as alleviating confusion between snack and lunch foods for those students who pack a lunch for the rest of their day.



If your child gets to school late, please take them to the Main Office to check in.



Please send the following items with your child to school:

  • A Bag or Backpack: Students will need a bag or backpack (large enough to hold a folder, lunchbox/snack, and projects) each day to transport their snack and important papers to and from school. Please label INSIDE with your child's first and last name.
  • Lunch and Snack: Please pack a healthy snack and drink in a lunchbox (labeled with your child's first and last name) or bag in addition to their daily snack. If your child packs a lunch as well , please label their snack as "Snack" to help avoide confusion.
  • Supplies: Please see our Welcome Letter and Supply List for a full list of supplies for our classroom.
  • Mystery Bag Project: Please see our Welcome Letter for more information!
  • Blue Bear Name Tag: Please have your child wear their Blue Bear nametag that they will receive at Kindergarten Orientation. This will help keep our Kindergartners safe and assist with transportation to and from school.
  • A Smile! :) We are going to have an amazing year in Kindergarten!