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Mrs. Sydorko's

Teaching Philosophy

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"I touch the future. I teach." -Christa McAuliffe


There is a difference between memorization and actual learning. Learning endures the test of time. For a teacher to be truly effective, that teacher’s students will have lessons from September ingrained in them still as they leave for summer vacation. The best of teachers will have lessons from September ingrained in their students for a lifetime. The current students are the future’s adults. For a future of intelligent, capable, caring individuals, the now requires intelligent, capable, caring teachers. As a teacher, I strive for my students to grow into such a generation. I believe this is achieved by incorporating both curriculum knowledge and social lessons in the classroom. I want my students to not only possess a strong classroom intellect, but I also want them to develop their character through such things as sharing, forgiveness, kindness, and care. These lessons are pieces of the puzzle of a complete person. As a teacher, I find it my responsibility to ensure my students have access to all the pieces that can complete themselves and understand that each child's pieces will be individual and unique.


No lesson will be effective if students are not motivated or engaged. I reach, as a teacher, to use unique approaches in grasping students’ attention, engaging them in the lesson, stimulating their minds and motivating them to want to investigate the subject further. It is in my belief that for children, learning depends on building upon previous experiences. In my role as a teacher, I hope to connect what happens outside of the classroom to the lessons within the classroom through creativity, humor and enthusiasm. I feel the greatest lessons I have learned were founded with these three elements. It is important to realize that in order for students to build upon previous experiences they must experience the new subject matter on their own. Through this notion, I hope to be a guiding force in the classroom that helps students find the path to the correct answer, not just dropping them at the end of the trail.


Children are very perceptive and will subconsciously notice the actions of their teacher. It is important, therefore, for a teacher to be constantly setting strong examples around the classroom. Teaching incorporates mutual respect from the teacher and student. I want to always respect my students in hopes that they will model this attitude toward me. These models can be expressed through the classroom setup as well. An organized classroom that is both structured and energized will help students be organized and energized as well. My tidy nature and love for routine is a perfect combination for a model classroom for students to work in, interact in, and develop from. While I realize life is quite unexpected, I believe the more organized a classroom is, the better prepared a teacher is to handle life’s everyday road bumps.


I understand children’s need to feel loved, safe and cared for. Through my big heart, passion for teaching, and structured yet exciting classroom, I work toward students having a comfortable environment where they can learn best. I am passionate about helping children develop into the competent, intelligent people they are destined to become. I am consistently striving to challenge myself to be the best teacher I can be. I look forward to sharing these goals with colleagues and joining into a discourse where we could learn from each other’s passions and philosophies.