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Jr. High Spanish Enrichment





Here are some ways to continue practicing Spanish over the summer!

   Accounts will stay open! Enjoy the work of the Musical Spanish Guru!


   *Parents, each story has “nuggets” or activities to complete. This is a great educational game students can play on any device with internet. An awesome bargaining tool to earn internet time: 2 completed nuggets of Wooly equals 30 minutes of Independent Internet!



Netflix has great movie choices where the language can be changed to Spanish. See if your favorite series has this option, and turn on the English subtitles to ensure comprehension. Hearing the language and recognizing phrases in context is crucial to acquiring language.





Change the language on your cell phone!


*Parents, you know that your child could probably operate a phone or iPad blindfolded; why not let them operate it in Spanish? They will pick up key phrases 

because they will see them everyday!




Buy Spanish TPRS novels for your child to read!


These novels have anywhere from 100-400 unique words with a full glossary. These are novels made for English-speaking Spanish learners. They are about $7 on and can be found used on Amazon too!

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