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Ms. Zimmer (Previously Fertig)

School Counselor for Grade 7 Students

*Please e mail me to schedule an appointment*


As we all venture into virtual learning, please see below for some useful links!


While we are not in school, please know that I am available for video or phone meetings with students and parents. I will also be sending out videos, lessons, and check-in surveys via oncourse and encourage all students to complete these. 


Please see below for some useful online tools to help with stress management:


Yoga for Teens via Youtube 


Yoga is a great way for students to learn how to be mindful and delve into how important breathing is to help manage stress.




Headspace is a mindfulness app that is available for students for FREE with their email address. This app is great for helping those who have trouble sleeping or like to start their day on a positive note. 


 Looking for something to do?


Here is a list of things put together by the organization Good Grief to help you pass time from home! 


Stress Relief Games


I encourage you to try some things at home away from the computer such as building a fort, making a new recipe, going for a walk, having a board game night, or doing something artistic! This link has a few ideas that can be done on the computer.


Grounding Techniques 


Intense feelings of worry and anxiety can be scary. Fortunately, there are techniques that can help. Please see this handout for "grounding techniques" that help bring individuals back to the present moment. Once calm, students should try a coping skill that typically helps make them feel better. This could be drinking something cold and satisfying, deep breathing strategies, listening to calming music, or taking a shower or bath.