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May 2019

The halls are filling up with amazing artwork for Family Day.  

April 2019

8th grade has begun their mural.

Several grades are working with plaster creating foods and masks.

And we are gathering art work for Family Day!


March 2019

Many classes have started plaster sculptures and we had a great time creating Dr. Seuss inspired fish with the younger grades.


January 2019

Welcome back to art class!! Hope you had a good break.


October 2018

Please send in a smock for art class.  An old tshirt will do just fine.  

Thank You!





September 2018

Welcome back to school!







June 2018

Happy Summer Everyone!

I hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.

See you in September!!



February 2018!!

What is happening in the ART ROOM??

Kindergarten is working on Rainbow Fish puppets.

1st Grade is learing how to draw birds and making bird sculptures.

2nd Grade is working on Greek Amphora drawings.

3rd Grade is learning about Vincent Van Gogh and working on Starry Night paintings.

4th Grade is learning about Gustav Klimt and working on Tree of Life paintings.

5th Grade is working on Amate bark paintings inspired by nature.

6th Grade is working on Claes Oldenburg inspired paper mache food sculptures.

7th Grade is transforming a vessel with paper mache.

8th Grade is creating a painting of their mural square. 



Happy 2018

Please send in a smock we are getting messy in the art room!





Please bring in a smock to use in the art room. 




June 2017

We have had a great year in the Art Room! Please keep an eye out for your child's art  work coming home.


April 2017

Students have been working on several projects that require a lot of patience and craftsmanship.  

Kindergarten has been making tissue paper Elmer elephants.

First graders are working on over sized Georgia O'keefe flowers.

Second graders just finished their Greek Amphoras.

Third grade is working on giant Easter egg collages.

Fourth grade is finishing up their Op Art project.

Fifth graders are working on giving Mona Lisa a make over!

Six graders are beginning their paper mache food project.

Seventh grade is working on a folk art project.

Eighth grade is working on a piece of art inspired by their favorite song.



Happy New Year!

We are working on many exciting projects in the art room.


October 2016

We have almost completed a whole school mural.  Students are moving on to fall projects involving pumpkins, leaves, Day of the Dead and Halloween.


September 2016

Welcome back to school!

Please send in an art smock for art class.  Any large old tee shirt will work. Thank you!



May 2016

Thank you everyone for taking the time to view the artwork on Family Day!

April 2016

The Sixth graders finished their oversized food inspired by Claes Oldenberg.  


MARCH 2016

Please take a moment to check each individual grade to find out what your child is doing in ART class. 


January 2016

We have many exciting projects happening in art class.  


November 2015

Our Self portraits are done and all classes are off working on new projects.  Check your child's grade for their latest projects.  

Thank you to all the students who in brought a smock in for Art class. 



September 2015

Welcome to our Art Class website! I am thrilled to be teaching art at Elsinboro.  I am planning to start the year off with self-portraits for all grades.  We will be doing various different styles of self-portraits.  Check back here in a few weeks I will be posting completed projects.