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Some of Our Important People


                                                                         Principal- Ms. Connor

Office Phone 927-4141


School Nurse- Mrs. DiCicco

Phone 927-1148



Phone 927-2443


Teacher- Miss Angela


                                                                           Classroom Assistants-

Miss Margaret


Miss Kelly



Miss Melissa













Hi everyone and welcome to our full day preschool program.  We are so excited to have your child in our class and want to welcome you to the happiest classroom at Swift. 


My philosophy is very simple, children learn when they know they are safe and loved with structure and an understanding of development.  I have been teaching preschool children with disabilities for 18 years and love, love, love my work.  I find it very rewarding and will work to have your child to achieve his/her highest potential, while keeping in mind their developmental and cognitive ability level.  Thank you for entrusting me with your greatest gift, as a parent of a precocious 4 year old little girl, I know how challenging these years are, but together we can work to help your child become the greatest he/she can be.




Our Day

Breakfast/writing/Fine motor- When coming in every morning we will have a small breakfast time.  Your child will be able to purchase breakfast, you may send breakfast, we will give a small cereal snack or we will sometimes make breakfast.  During this time, those not eating or finishing will work on writing, coloring or various fine motor skills.

Circle Time- During circle time we will sing our opening songs, find the helper, weather and do calendar.  We will also read our story of the day to set the tone for the day and the theme we are working on.

Choice Time- Children will choose between interest areas set up in the room.  These will help your child to learn social, play, academic and motor skills.  In the beginning we will use pictures to help us decide where we are going to play.  As the year progresses we will use words to ask for our area of play using “I want……  Please use this phrase at home when your child wants something or needs something.

Small Groups/Tabletops- Children will be broken into small groups and work on cognitive and fine motor skills.  These skills will change daily. They will cycle through the three tables set up, each led by an adult. 

Outside/Gross Motor- At this time we will go onto the playground to work on social, play and gross motor skills.

Lunch- During lunch we work on eating and even social skills as we sit together for a group meal.  We will work on those picky eaters to increase tolerance for a variety of foods and textures.  If your child is buying lunch, please write a note and place it in his/her folderAlso, please no candy in their lunches as it can cause problems at the lunch table. 

Nap/Quiet- Many children still nap in our classroom and we find that all children can use a little rest from our hectic day. We will turn the lights down, play quiet music and rest.

Clean up/bathrooms/ books and puzzles- After nap time, while mats are being cleaned up and children taken to the bathroom, the students will be looking at books related to our current theme, doing puzzles and drawing boards.

Groups- The children will be broken up into three leveled groups to work on basic skills, such as colors, shapes, letters, numbers and fine motor.  These groups will work on IEP skills as well.

Snack- Children will make a choice between a salty and a sweet snack. 

Whole Group- During this short group, we will work on a basic skills such as our letters, shapes etc.  We may also work on social, behavioral and daily living objectives.  These groups will be based on the needs of the class.

Music/End of day wrap up- We will sing songs and wrap up our day at this time.

Movement- At this time, weather permitting we will again go outside.  If the weather is inclement, we will do various movement related activities from or dancing.








Other Information…


Snack- Please send in one can/jar of juice and two large bags/boxes of snack each month.  This will be shared with the other students in the class.


Clothing- Please remember that your child will be outside some days, or working with messy things that may damage their clothing.  We take every precaution against this, however, it does happen.  Please dress your child appropriately and be sure to send in a change of clothing, to be kept in the classroom.  Please have your child wear sneakers and socks daily for movement activities it is simply the safest.



My email here at school is .  This or texting at 609-457-4017 are the easiest ways to get a hold of me. If you need to call, please call me on my cell also, the school phone is very difficult for me to get to during in the day.  I check my cell and email regularly.  I will make every attempt I can to get make to you in a timely manner.



Please do not send your child to school sick.  A simple cold or runny nose is ok.  At least 24 hours after a fever or vomiting is a good rule of thumb, and no bad coughs please.   We strive to have a healthy and safe classroom for all the students. Remember, we have many children in this room and strive to keep them all healthy and hope you will do so also.  



If your child is going to be absent, if he or she rides the bus, please call transportation first (927-2443) and then the school. (927-4141)