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6th Grade LA Procedures and Expectations 

(to be distributed and discussed during the first week of school)



"Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!" document




 Language Arts Supply List for 6th and 7th grade





Binder Organization and Supplies



See supply list above.



LA binder should be divided into the following sections:  


  • Current Unit
  • Past Units
  • Misc. & Paper



 Starred ( ) Items Remain in Binder the ENTIRE Year!



  • Worksheets and notes are to be arranged in chronological order with the newest items in the front. 


  • Some assignments will move to your writing portfolio upon completion 


  • At the end of the marking period, you may remove items from your binder that do not have a star on the top right-hand corner.  These items must be kept in a folder at home or in your locker.  DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT!!!!!