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Important Homeroom Information



Students must be in homeroom before 7:40 a.m. If late, you are required to bring a pass from the main office.


You must sit in assigned seats.


During flag salute, you may participate or stand, quietly and respectfully, facing the American flag.


During morning and afternoon announcements, and other homeroom activities, you are to remain quiet and attentive.


At times, you will receive written information (handouts) in your homeroom that needs to be signed and returned by your parents/guardians. You must promptly deliver such information to them and bring back the signed documents.


You will be assigned a lock and a locker for your use only, and these are not to be shared with other students.


You will receive an assignment pad, which you are required to use on a daily basis. It includes the student handbook, calendar, rules, phone extension list, school closing procedures, and other valuable information.


 Report absences due to illness to the school nurse (NOT to your homeroom teacher!) by calling (908) 204 2615. If you are absent 3 or more days due to illness, you can receive assignments through the guidance office. When returning to school after an illness, you must report to the school nurse to obtain permission to re-enter the classroom.