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Read the WHOLE passage/question carefully before answering questions.


Underline the most important ideas.


Read ALL the choices before selecting the best answer.


Eliminate choices you know are incorrect before guessing.


Refer to the passage; answers to multiple-choice and open-ended questions must be based on what the passage states or implies.


Answer every question; make an educated guess if you have to.





Study Tips


Studying is a bit like learning to ride a bike; you pretty much have to “feel your way,” and try different methods until you find the one that works for you. Also, studying for a math test can be different than studying for a social studies test. The list that follows is a compilation of some of the suggestions  I give to students each year.


1. Simply reading over the material is boring, and your mind will probably wander off some place else. You must find ways to keep yourself interested. Making flash cards is an excellent way to review material daily, and then when test time comes, you have a set of study cards! On each index card, write a word on one side and its definition on the other side. You can test yourself daily, or ask a parent, sibling, or classmate to do so. You can make a pile of cards that you know, and a pile that you need to work on. You can color code the cards if the information needs to learned in categories. Homemade index cards can be made from any kind of paper.


2. Many students are “oral learners”; they learn information if they hear it. I suggest (after closing the door to your room)...


A. Walking around you room and saying the information to yourself over and over again, or recite facts in front of a mirror.


B. Teaching the material to a pretend “class.” You have to learn something if you teach it.


3. Make up your own quiz or test on the material you are studying, take the quiz, then grade it. You might be surprised how similar your quiz is to the real one!


4. Use memory formulas, associations, and mnemonic devices.


Example: “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” in Math


Whatever method you decide to use, remember that you cannot study for a major test in one night. You must begin to study for the next test as soon as possible. Studying a little each night is better than cramming the night before.