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Language Arts is an important part of every student’s education. It is a demanding and fundamental subject which can be both challenging and fun! It is my goal to provide the students with the tools necessary for them to succeed academically this year and in the future.



Only a generation of readers

will spawn a generation of writers. 

 - Steven Spielberg





6th Grade LA Back to School Night Presentation







7th Grade LA Back to School Night Presentation 





 Academic Integrity Guidelines and Plagiarism Policy from the WAMS handbook





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Mrs. Jessica Lynch

6th Grade LA and Lit. Support

7th Grade LA
William Annin Middle School



Please take a moment to read the new District policy for disposal of student work which has been added to the handbook this year. The policy states:   

“The District maintains non-mandated student records until they are no longer necessary to provide educational services to a student. Student work and other classroom artifacts not returned to students during the school year (such as tests, quizzes, essays and art projects) may be disposed of by the District after September 15th of the following school year, subject to reasonable attempts to obtain parent or adult student consent.”