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Welcome to English Honors III!


Our course has been temporarily moved online to continue our commitment to learning!


Remember, grades will be updated on a daily basis! You will continue to be graded on performance, participation, assignments and projects. 


The following links will help guide you through this course. 




 Honors English III Syllabus 4th Qtr.pdf 



Week 1:

 Is this poetry.pptx 

 Is this Poetry Notetaker.pdf 

 What is a Canon.pdf  

Week 2: 

 Renaissance Poetry(2).pptx 

 Shakespeare Worksheets 1 and 2.pdf 

 Sonnet 18 Test.pdf 

Week 3:




Week 4:

 Victorian Era.pptx 



Week 5:

 Modernist Poetry.pdf 

Week 6:

 Postmodernist Poetry.pdf 

Week 7:

 Poetry Challenge.pdf 

Week 8:


Week 9:

The FINAL EXAM will be posted June 8th!

Week 10:

To Be Announced 



Please continue to send your assignments to: