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Policies and Procedures



All classes K-4 come to the media center for Enrichment once a week for a 45 minute lesson. 


Book Selection:

The students are all given time during the beginning or the conclusion of class to select a book.  Every students in the school is allowed a maximum of four books out at a time.  Once the maxmium number is reached the students may not check out any other items.  Students may request to put a book on hold until one of the books are returned. 


Students select books every two weeks.


Kindergarten select books from a designated display areas.  These books are chosen to reflect a variety of reading levels, both fiction and nonfiction, which contain appropriate content for our younger readers.  The books on display allow the stuents to see the cover, open the books to get a sense of the story before making their choice without worrying about re-shelving it. 


First through Fourth grade students can select books from all sections of the library and have been taught how to use a shelf marker so that books that are removed from the shelf can be put back in the correct location.  



A student may request to place a book on hold and will be notifies when it becomes available. 


Overdue Books:

Students can loan a book for a period up to two weeks. If a student wishes to keep a book longer they may renew it by bringing it to me for rescanning.