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                                Fashion and Design Technology II 

                                                Prerequisite: Fashion and Design Technology I

                                 5 credits                  

                  Course Syllabus



This course focuses on the apparel industry. The students will study industry specifications through research and hands on activities geared toward the following subjects: fashion industry, fashion design, fashion merchandising, sewing techniques, and apparel marketing and advertising.  This course is designed for high school students to explore their talents within the realm of the fashion industry for career choices and higher education options.

TENTATIVE schedule 2019-2020

Unit I   Color and Design

            The Elements and Principles of Design
            Portfolio Assignment

Unit II  Digital Fashions 
            Fashion Timelines (1800s)
            Fashion Timeline (early1900s)

            Fashion Timeline (1920s)

            Fashion Timeline (1930s)

            Fashion Timeline (1940's)

            Fashion Timeline (1950’s)

            Fashion Timeline (1960’s)

            Fashion Timeline (1970’s)

            Fashion Timeline (1980’s)

            Fashion Timeline (1990’s)
            Portfolio Assignment


Unit III Clothing Line

            Creating Your Business Plan

            Designing Your Collection

            Marketing Your Target audience

            Trends and Advertising

            Portfolio Assignment


Unit IV Fibers to Fabrics

            Natural Fibers

            Manufactured Fibers


Unit V Advanced Sewing Skill

           Selecting Patterns and Fabrics

           Sewing Machine Skills, Projects and Presentations, Garment Evaluation  

           TheSerger, Stitches and Uses



70% = Assessments (Projects, tests, quizzes) Projects will be assessed by rubrics.

30% = Assignments (classwork, participation)

Due dates will be assigned and points will be deducted for late or incomplete assignments/project.