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Each month a calendar will be coming home with tasks to do throughout the month, stating how many are expected to be completed.   I ask that you please practice reading  each day as your child will be tested each Friday.  The Homework Tasks are tasks that can be completed at home throughout the month.  We will also be focusing on writing.  You may begin by having your child draw a picture.  Then they can tell you what the picture  is about and you can write a sentence for them.  As you see your child progres please encourage them to begin writing independantly.  This is very important for academic success throughout this year as well as upcoming educational years.
Math homework will be sent home by chapters.  This is for you to practice with your child and to review the math concepts that we are learning in school.  Please use the math papers as a reference and pacing guide.  Our goal is to have each student understand the concept to mastery.  Be sure to ask your child how they come up with their answer and if they can teach you how to answer the question.