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 Reading Street

Unit 1

All Together Now


Week 1

How Do We Get To School?

The Little School Bus

Sight Words: I - am

Phonics: a, b, c, d, e

Phonological Awareness: Rhyming Words

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Character

Conventions/Grammar: Nouns - Say Our Names

Amazing Words: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth

Vocabulary Words: Transportation Words

Writing: Songs

Listening and Speaking: Follow Directions


Week 2

How Do People Help Each Other?

We Are So Proud

Sight Words: I - am 

Phonics: f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n 

Phonological Awareness: Syllables - Sound Discrimination 

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Setting

Conventions/Grammar: Nouns - Write Our Names 

Amazing Words: proud, cooperation, float, preparation, creation, guide 

Vocabulary Words: Color Words

Writing: Invitation 

Listening and Speaking: Drama - Respond to Literature


Week 3

How Do Families Cooperate?

Pladypus Lost 

Sight Words: the - little

Phonics: o, p, q, r, s

Phonological Awareness: Initial Sounds - Sound Discrimination

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Sequence

Conventions/Grammar: Adjectives - What We Look Like

Amazing Words: platypus, lost, market, around, found, groceries

Vocabulary Words: Shape Words

Writing: Poem

Listening and Speaking: Listen for Rhyme and Rhythm


 Week 4

How Do People in a Community Cooperate?

Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip

Sight Words: the - little

Phonics: t, u, v, w, x, y, z

Phonological Awareness: Initial Sounds 

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Classify and Categorize

Conventions/Grammar: Verbs - What We Can Do

Amazing Words: bakery, park, library, fire station, post office, chaperone

Vocabulary Words: Location Words

Writing: Instructions

Listening and Speaking: Talk About Me


Week 5

How Do People and Animals Work and Play Together?

Smash! Crash!

Sight Words: a - to

Phonics: Mm

Phonological Awareness: Initial and Final Mm 

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Character

Conventions/Grammar: Nouns for People and Animals

Amazing Words: signals, proper, perfect, dud, pirates, fabulous

Vocabulary Words: Position Words

Writing: Caption

Listening and Speaking: Announcements/Messages


Week 6

How Do Machines Help People?

Dig, Dig, Digging

Sight Words: a - to

Phonics: Tt

Phonological Awareness: Initial and Final Tt

Text Based Comprehension Skills: Classify and Categorize

Conventions/Grammar: Nouns for Places and Things

Amazing Words: scooping, squelching, spinning, swooshing, gobbling, rumbling

Vocabulary Words: Size Words

Writing: Story

Listening and Speaking: Drama - Respond to Literature