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Skills covered in Kindergarten


Chapter 1:   Represent, count and write numbers 0-5

Chapter 2:   Compare Numbers to 5, same, greater than, less than, and matching sets

Chapter 3:   Represent, count, and write numbers 6 to 9

Chapter 4:   Represent and compare numbers to 10

Chapter 5:   Addition

Chapter 6:   Subtraction

Chapter 7:   Represent, count and write numbers 11-19

Chapter 8:   Represent, count and write numbers 20 and beyond

Chapter 9:   Identify and describe two-dimensional shapes(circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon)

Chapter 10: Identify and describe three-dimensional shapes(sphere, cube, cylinder, cone)

Chapter 11: Measurement, length, height, weight 

Chapter 12: Classify and sort data, by color, shape and size)


Getting Ready for Grade 1