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Upcoming Tests/ Projects:




Nov. 29th- Dec. 3rd






Math: WB p. 6-1 R side



LA:  Know It, Show It p. 28

Math:  WB p. 6-1 P side



LA: 10 Spelling Sentences

Math: WB p. 6-2 P side




LA: 10 Spelling Sentences

Math: WB p. 6-3 R side



Friday-  No Homework on Fridays unless otherwise posted.




Vocabulary Words


1. luminous

2. transparent

3. reflect

4. illuminates

5. judge



Spelling Words


1. block

2. shown

3. oatmeal

4. wrote

5. fellow

6. scold

7. coast

8. odd

9. locate

10. slope

11. throat

12. host

13. online

14. shock

15. solve

16. known

17. remote

18. stock

19. boast

20. globe


Challenge words


21. borrow

22. compose

23. rocket

24. doctor



*All homework is subject to change.  Please check your child's planner daily for assignments.




 *** Test dates are subject to change ***


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Pearson Online: You can access our texts online:  for science for reading and math for reading and math games




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Student Responsibilities


Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.
Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.
Complete and return your homework assignments.
Follow Classroom Rules.



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