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Students are to complete written homework in cursive. This mainly applies to the LA HW and word problems in math.




February 18-21




Monday- LA:  Math:  


Tuesday-  LA: Spelling p. 89, Vocab p. 144  Math: WB p. 10-7   


Wednesday- LA: Spelling p. 146  Math:  


Thursday- LA: Spelling p. 95 Math:  Topic 10 Practice Test   


Friday- Math Topic 10 test/ Social Studies Quiz on SE and NE states 




*All homework is subject to change.  Please check your child's planner daily for assignments.



Vocabulary Words 











Spelling Words

1.  Thanksgiving  

2.  among   

3. think

4. blank

5. graph

6. young

7. wheel

8. nephew

9. belong

10. whiskers

11. whisper

12. elephant

13. white

14. shrink

15. wharf

16. trunk

17. strong

18. blink

19. chunk

20. Skunk



Bonus Words

21. strengthen

22.  bankrupt

23. phantom

24. whimsical

25. whatever



Spelling Test: February 26th

Reading Test:  February 28th


Pearson Online: You can access our texts online: for science for reading and math for reading and math games




Specials Schedule 

Monday- Gym & Spanish


Tuesday- STEAM & Art


Wednesday- Gym & Computers


Thursday- Music


Friday- Library






Student Responsibilities
Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.

Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.
Complete and return your homework assignments.
Follow Classroom Rules.



Any questions please feel free to contact me at

(973) 827-7570 ext. 405