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DISCLAIMER: Some of these educational math videos were uploaded to Youtube.  This allows you to watch the video without downloading it to your computer. However, please note, the video suggestions that pop up afterwards are populated based on what was previously searched on your computer. Clinton Township School District has no control over these suggestions.


Place Value: - Rounding Rap




 Multiplication using The Regrouping Strategy.mp4 (Teacher-Talk Version) (Turtlehead Cartoon Version)


Factors vs. Multiples Song:


Prime Factorization


 Partial Products -Multiplying single digit by double digit numbers.mp4  

 Partial Products - transitioning to multiplying by larger numbers.mp4   

 Partial Products - Multiplying double digit numbers.mp4  Note: In the text, the advanced method of solving using partial products suggests multiplying beginning with the tens so that your larger numbers wind up on the top of your addition problem. Some teachers prefer to teach the students to follow the same sequence you would in traditional multiplication.  This may require the students to realign their addends before adding, but can minimize confusion between the two strategies. Regardless, your student would be demonstrating partial products.  







Long Division Steps - Song:



 Rectangular Models - Partial Quotients.mp4 








Grade 4:  Division_Vocabulary.mp4 



Subtracting with Renaming (Borrowing)


Using Benchmarks to Compare Fractions:

Using the Butterfly Method to Compare Fractions:


Dividing Fractions - Keep, Change, Flip


Finding the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) -


Grade 4 Finding Common Denominators

Grades 5 & 6 Finding the Least Common Multiple (LCM) -