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Mrs. Stephanie M. Yager, M.Ed.

Math Support @ Round Valley School

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"Math doesn't add love or subtract hate,

but it gives us hope that there is 

solution to every problem.-Author Unknown 




 Google Site for Optional Summer Math Review:




                                                     Divisibility Rules




Mathematician’s Pledge

Take a deep breath * Stand up straight *Pull your shoulders back* Look strong & Read this:


I pledge to approach math problems with a positive attitude because I CAN do them.  I am a mathematician, and I know I will have to persevere because some math problems are craaaaazy long.  I will stay focused during each problem, check my work, and I will not give up.  


If I come up with an incorrect answer, I will find my error.  I am smart, and I know smart people ask questions and analyze mistakes to keep them from happening again.  


I am determined. When my brain feels like it’s bending and I want to give up, I won’t, because I know that is when my brain is growing the most.  I am a mathematician.   This is just what we do!   :)