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Our Classroom Expectations


Our classroom expectations were developed by the class during the first week of school.


 Classroom Expectations 2021-2022.pdf 


Classroom Expectations


Please check your child's homework assignment book daily. Homework, test notices, and any other classroom announcements will be recorded in the assignment book on a daily basis.  Also, please have your child clean out the yellow homework folder regularly.



Math Homework - Typically, a homework sheet will usually be sent home Monday through Thursday as part of your child’s daily math homework. Math Homework should always be completed in pencil, all work should be shown, and  it should be returned the next day remembering to place their first and last name, in cursive, at the top of the paper.



Monthly Spiral Review Packets- In order to practice previously taught skills, a Spiral Review packet will be sent home monthly. Students should show all work and complete the packet using pencil. Parents are encouraged to review the packet with their child. Students should ask a parent to sign the cover page after reviewing their work. 



Math Assessments- Once or twice per chapter, Math Check-Ins will be administered during class. These Check-Ins along with nightly math homework are great tools to use to help prepare for Chapter Tests. Students are also encouraged to use their Math Notebooks and Chapter Vocabulary Cards to help them prepare for Chapter Tests. These materials, as well as the Chapter Textbook, may go home as needed but should be returned to school each day for use in class. Once the Chapter Test has been given, students are able to keep their Chapter Textbook at home.



Your child should read 30 minutes each evening for a total of 5 sessions each week. A monthly log will be sent home at the beginning of each month and will be due at the beginning of the following month. Please remind your child to follow all directions on their reading log carefully. 



Your child may be given writing assignments to be completed at home. It is expected that the guidelines modeled in class and outlined in the writing journal be adhered to in order to receive credit. Writing is not expected to be error free, but should be their best and neatest work, therefore you do not need to correct their writing, but have them read their written response to you.  Students are able to type their responses if they wish. 


Social Studies/Science

Study guides will be sent home to help students prepare for tests and quizzes. As much of our work in these classes is project based, your child is expected to work cooperatively.