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Literacy Support

Literacy Support is a targeted and individualized reading intervention class. Students will focus on comprehension and communication of thoughts. Students will read literature, "quick reads," short stories, and informational texts. Students' reading will be monitored for word recognition and vocabulary and meanings of words within context, which will increase fluency and comprehension. The curriculum will include lessons that ask students to recall details, identify main ideas, make inferences, and identify literary devices, such as metaphors, similies, and symbols. Students will use comprehension strategies, such as questioning the text while reading, summarizing, predicting, making mental images, and analyzing story components, like the setting, characters, and problems and their solutions. The program will monitor and assess growth, with pre-assessments, benchmark assessments, and other formative assessments. As with any reading study, it is recommended that students read as often as possible, with family one-on-one discussions of themes and subjects found in the readings. It is suggested that students are asked "why" questions, especially when they are making connections between what they are reading and what they already know about the subject or know from their life experiences.


Due to the Coronavirus containment state/federal mandates, some learning may take place remotely. Below are some tips for that setting:

Tips for Remote Learning


  • While we are all in the home, what used to be the living room or kitchen table is now a classroom or an office. Designate a room, an area, or a table as a “remote learning zone.” This will help give everyone in the house ownership of a space. Most kids will benefit from multiple spaces to learn. They will make choices for how to best use each area.

  • In the morning or the night before, have your child create a schedule for their day.  They can include time to socialize and to do phsyical activities, too. For longer assignments or even assignments that need several steps and long periods of concentration, have your child decide where to chunk or to break up their work for mental and physical breaks.

  • Be flexible! Have students write start and end times for each activity. Put them in charge of transitioning from activity to activity (They may need a reminder or two in the beginning). 

  • When designing a schedule with your child, keep in mind that it’s not only their school day that has been affected by the pandemic; after school activities are cancelled, athletics are postponed, and playdates have become virtual. Be creative! Schedule movie nights, family game nights, find virtual concerts, and plan virtual field trips to add variety.

  • If students are having difficulties with assignments or parents have questions, there are ways to contact me:, “Comments” section on Google Classroom, Zoom meetings (Invitations for office hours will be sent out to students and private parent Zoom meetings can be scheduled.), Google Meet, and assignments will have brainstorming sections, reflections, comments, and questions documents on Google Classroom for written communications and further discussions.

  • There is a rubric available to students for expectations. It will help guide them through the expectations of remote learning. Included in the rubric are links to resources for “How to Self-teach” themselves with videos and other resources that correspond with the various expectations along the chart.

  •  Assignments can be reworded, given new directions, and more examples and explanations. Students can be guided through the posted assignment with comments and questions, or a Zoom meeting for one-on-one help can be arranged. So please, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or requests for clarifications.


Please note that Zoom meetings' attendance is required, as these meetings are ways for new material and modeling to be delivered to the students. 


I look forward to having your imput on your child's individual strengths and areas for growth, as the year unfolds. Please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail (, with any thoughts you have. Growth in reading and comprehension is obtainable. It will require work and perseverence. I am here to support your child, as she/he evolves over their academic life into a competent reader. I welcome you as a partner in that process. Best wishes for a good year!


Mrs. Stanwick

literacy support teacher