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 Health Education



Health is a New Jersey State standards based program designed to influence the actions, decisions, and overall wellness of an individual.  Students will learn about a variety of topics throughout the school year. Skills are presented to help students make wise choices to develop healthful behaviors and improve their ability to find and interpret useful health information.  Students will use information learned in Health to influence and guide them through a part of difficult decisions to ensure one’s overall wellness for a lifetime.


Format and Procedure:

Health is a year-long class.  This means we will be seeing each other one or two times a week at most.  Our class time is extremely important and one must come prepared every day.  There will be times when we do not see each other for long periods of time. You will be responsible for work to be completed during this break and expectation of you to complete it is mandatory.  



  • Students are expected to attend class every day on time

  • If class is missed, students are responsible for the missed work, to be handed in no later than two days after the absence or a zero will be given for that assignment.  It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with the teacher and discuss the necessary steps to complete the missed work.



  • Pencil/Pen

  • Extra Paper

  • Chromebook

  • Positive student behavior and willingness to learn something new!

Class Rules:

  • Use polite speech and body language.  Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

  • The student is expected to treat the teacher and other students with respect at all times.  Offensive language and hatefulness is not acceptable in this class. I like to use a guideline of “Do the RIght Thing.”  You know what is right and wrong and you will be expected to act accordingly.

  • Students are expected to be in their seats and prepared for class after they enter the Health room.  Being prepared for class means having all materials, portfolios, books, pens etc. out and ready.

  • Pay attention.  Talking while the teacher is instructing or while other students are presenting will not be permitted.  Listen the first time directions are given.

  • Students will stay in their seats at all times unless otherwise directed by the teacher.

  • The phrase “I don’t know” is not an acceptable answer.

  • Your behavior choices will dictate if this is an environment of learning or and environment of chaos.  You can choose to be responsible young adults and prove yourselves trustworthy, self-motivated, and hard workers.  That choice will open the door for a successful year, or you can prove yourselves non-trustworthy which will severely deprive yourself and your classmates of some great opportunities.  Please make the appropriate decisions and choices to make your life easier, successful, and something you can be proud of.


Grading Procedures:

  • Students are graded on a cumulative points system.  Assignment, presentation, homework, and class participation will be given a point value discussed prior to the assignment.  A total of the points will be added up for the marking period and an average will be given accordingly for a grade.

  • It is important to check and keep track of your grades.

  • If you are not happy with the grade you receive it is the student’s responsibility to communicate with the teacher.  At this time, the teacher will work with the student to find a way to solve the issue.

  • Any questions or missed assignments, email is the best communication for the student to get in touch with the teacher.


Academic Integrity

  • Each student in this course is expected to abide by the Clinton Township Middle School Code of Academic Integrity.  

  • Any work submitted by a student must be the student’s own work!


Health Standards:

  • 2.1 - Personal and Mental Health

  • 2.2 - Physical Wellness
  • 2.3 - Safety