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Google Classroom codes for 2020-21


6,7,8 String Orchestra - g3ndd2n

6th Concert Band - f26zy7k

7th Concert Band - 22pdbnp

8th Concert Band - nekyuqn





What is expected of each student in Instrumental Music?


Each student is expected to:



  • Bring their instrument, folder with music, a pencil and any other essential materials (reeds, strings) to each class and rehearsal
  • Practice their instrument for at least 20 minutes per day, 4 days per week (1hr 20 minutes per week total)


  • Miss no more than 1 rehearsal per marking period unless absent from school
  • Be responsible for keeping their instrument in good working condition and notifying their parents and teacher immediately if there is a problem that needs to be fixed
  • Be an active participant in class and rehearsals and put forth a strong effort 
  • Keep a good attitude and be respectful of yourself and others
  • Attend and perform in each instrumental music concert (1 in the winter and 1 in the spring).  Attendance is mandatory.  




How am I graded in instrumental music? 


While there will be an occasional formal assessment in class, most of your grade is determined by meeting the expectations above.  EACH STUDENT CAN EARN AN “A” IN MUSIC CLASS IF THEY CHOOSE TO MEET THE EXPECTATIONS.  Students will receive a grade each week based on class and rehearsals (a grade will be put into Power School each class but can be adjusted by the end of the week based on rehearsals).