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 Clothing Vocabulary 







Lunch and Dinner Vocabulary

Churros con Chocolate Tortilla Española

Clothing Vocabulary

City Vocabulary     link to Menu Project Website






Lunch and Dinner vocabulary 


Breakfast Vocabulary 






Click the link below to listen to the countries and capitals song.  


 Spanish Speaking Countries and their Capitals (South America and Central America).mp4 





Fifth grade Spanish will meet every other day for 30 minutes. During the COurse of the year, we will explore several topics and practice through many oral and interactive exercises.  Listed below are many of the different themes. 


  • Cascarones and Introductions 
  • Greetings 
  • Yo unit
  • Hispanic Heritage 
  • Seasons/Weather
  • Calendar 
  • Geography 
  • COlors
  • School Supplies
  • Pluralization rules/ Gender rules
  • Verb "necesito/as"
  • Cinco de mayo 
  • Final Portfolio 
  • Definite vs. Indefinite articles