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UPDATED 3/19/2020  


Hello from your UA Teachers!  We hope you are staying healthy and having some fun with this new experience of having school at home. Below are a few things we wanted you to know.

  1. We are currently going through our Google Classroom rosters and will be inviting students who are not currently enrolled in their class.  Students will need to join/accept the invitation to complete all of their UA assignments electronically.

  2. We are not following the ABCD schedule. Instead, we will be posting weekly to-do lists and weekly assignments for all UA classes on the UA Google Classroom.  This includes STEM classes, starting Monday, March 23.

  3. The new to-do list and assignments will be posted Monday morning at 9:30am and we will look for the assignments to be turned in by Friday at 3:00pm.  

  4. You can use the weekly to-do list to help stay organized and also help you schedule your week.  

  5. We want to emphasize that reading the assignment instructions on Google Classroom will be very helpful.  

  6. If you have any questions, reach out to your UA teacher through email or private comment on Google Classroom. 


We look forward to seeing all that you are doing during this new experience.



Your UA Teachers at RVS


¡Bienvenidos!  a la classe de  Señora Correia! 

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¡HOLA!  Me llamo Señora Correia. I am one of the Spanish teachers at Round Valley School.  I can not wait to teach you Spanish this year!  Throughout the year I will be updating this page with information like helpful hints, news and events happening in Spanish class. Make sure you check back often for updates.