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Spanish Program Overview



Why Learn a Second Language Early? 


There are many advantages to learning a second language. Check out this article on the cognitive benefits of learning another language at the elementary level: Benefits of Learning a Second Language Early


Kindergarten Overview


Kindergarten Spanish is designed to introduce students to a different language and culture with fun activities, songs and games. Vocabulary such as numbers, colors, greetings and days of the week are taught while establishing routines so students can learn classroom directions and phrases. Check out the "Links to Songs" page to watch some of the videos students learn in class.



1st Grade Overview


First grade Spanish practices what they learned in Kindergarten and adds the months of the year, some conversation and body parts and some classroom vocabulary. Check out the "Links to Songs" page to watch some of the videos students learn in class.



2nd Grade Overview


Second grade Spanish reviews vocabulary from Kindergarten and First grade and teaches more vocabulary and culture with songs, games, rhymes and other activities designed to make learning a language fun. Students will continue to sing some of the songs and will begin to use games to practice what they've learned in class.

3rd Grade Overview

Third grade Spanish puts an emphasis on conversation, using vocabulary learned in previous years to ask and answer questions used in everyday Spanish. We will also cover some of the culture and geography of Spanish-speaking countries. Students will still sing songs to help them remember vocabulary and will use activities and games to reinforce the new material.

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