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8th Grade Math Policy: 2021-2022


Ms. Robin Kiefer                                            

Phone:  238-9141Ext. 524                              

Email (preferred):  [email protected]            


The 8th grade math program at CTMS is exciting and challenging!  Its demand for higher level thinking, use of abstract concepts, and quickened pace will help to sharpen your mathematical abilities as well as aid in your transition into future math courses.  This spring you will take the required NJ state exams.  Part of your work throughout the year will be to review and improve the math concepts and skills you will need to prepare for this important assessment. 

You are not expected to master new material the day it is introduced.  However, you are expected to study every night (in the form of completing homework and/or actively studying for a quiz or test).  Some days you may feel confused when we tackle new material, but please realize this is normal!  Often it takes several days to fully understand a math concept.  Make sure you try to understand on your own (it feels great when you figure something out) by looking in your notes, referring to your textbook, asking a friend or family member or doing a topic search on the internet.  If you have questions or are feeling perplexed, please see us as soon as possible.  Do not let too much time pass before you ask for help.  We will be available to help you as often as we can. 



Required Materials:(Bring to class every day)

  1. 2 inch 3-ring binder 
  2. 7 Dividers with tabs
  3. Loose-leaf paper (put a small amount in binder and replenish regularly)
  4. Number 2 pencils with erasers 
  5. A colored pen (not black or blue) for correcting homework and graded work
  6. scientific calculator (TI-34 or equivalent).  It is important to be familiar with YOUR OWN CALCULATOR to perform your best on all assessments. 
  7. Thin tip dry erase marker (several for though the year)
  8. Straight edge
  9. A pencil case to hold items 4 - 8


Class Expectations:

  1. Come to class prepared with all required materials. (NO trips to your locker)
  2. Turn in assignments on time. Homework turned in one day late may receive 1/2 credit.  After one day late, no credit may be given.
  3. Show kindness and  respect to your classmates and teachers.
  4. Report to class on time each day. 




It is YOUR responsibility to find out what work was missed, to get any papers that were handed out, and to make sure you get credit for made up work.  Finding out about missed work should not interrupt class time. Ask your classmates, check the website, check the classroom files, and/or see a teacher before homeroom starts, after school, or by making an appointment. 




Your textbook should remain at home to be used for homework, extra practice, and reference.


Homework Policy:Expect daily homework assignments (including Fri.) 

Full credit for homework will be earned if:

  • the work is in pencil
  • the original problem is written in full (unless it is a word problem, but list important info)
  • the work for each problem is SHOWN IN FULL

Blank solutions and/or ??? are unacceptable responses. Please make a valiant attempt on each problem, even if you cannot solve the entire problem (remember to write down what you know, draw a picture, etc.). You will not be penalized for wrong answers unless insufficient effort is shown. If you are stuck on a homework problem:

  • Reread your class notes, the corresponding textbook section, and/or the sample problems.
  • Check the back of the book for the correct answer and try to work backwards.
  • Ask a parent, sibling, or friend for help or do an internet search.


Grading Policy:  (% breakdown) 

60% Quizzes/ tests/ exams/ projects

20% Homework

5% Participation, attitude, effort, preparedness, lab work

15% Review Work / Lab Work (includes review assignments from pre-algebra and algebra topics)


Homework Extra Credit:

You will have the opportunity to receive up to 10 bonus homework points each marking period. Within each marking period, you will receive 2 bonus points each time you complete 10 homework assignments. If you have 100% completed homework, you will receive an additional 2 point bonus. 



Weekly Assignments:

  • Each Friday you will be assigned a Spiral Review Homework that will be due the following Wednesday.
  • You will also have Weekly Review assignments. (Intro and Reg only)  
  • These assignments are used to review material you learned in a previous year or from earlier this year. 
  • Each Spiral Review Homework has an associated Study Guide that can be found in the Google Classroom.