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 SR #16 due Wednesday, 1/26


4.1-4.7 Quiz, Wednesday, 1/12


Independent Friday MP 2 Quiz, Thursday 1/20




Week of 1/24-


Monday- Section 5.4 Hw packet


Tuesday- Parallel and Perpendicular Homework packet


Wednesday- 4.1-4.5, 4.7, 5.1-5.4 Review Homework


Thursday- Comparing Functions HW




Week of 1/10-


Monday- Section 4.7 Graphing Lines Day 2 HW Packet


Tuesday- 4.1-4.7 Quiz Review Homework








Week of 1/3-


Monday- Function Homework


Tuesday- 4.3/4.4 HW Packet


Wednesday- Section 4.5 p.233-235 #19-21, 23-37, 43-44


Thursday- Section 4.7 Day 1 HW Packet


Friday- Snow Day



Week of 12/20-


Monday- Function Practice Homework


Tuesday- Nothing Official- Catch up on owed work if needed


Wednesday-  Number and Age Word Problem HW


Thursday- Nothing- Enjoy Winter Break


Friday- Winter Break



Week of 12/13-


Monday- Function Day 5 Homework packet


Tuesday- Literal Equations- Biologist Joke 


Wednesday-  Worksheet- Jokes 6.2/6.3


Thursday- Function Study Guide


Friday- handout based on classwork



Week of 12/6-


Monday- Functions Day 1 HW


Tuesday- Functions Day 2 HW


Wednesday-  Function Day 3 HW


Thursday- Functio Day 4 HW


Friday- handout based on classwork



Week of 11/29-


Monday- Working with Rates and Ratios Homework Packet


Tuesday- 11.1 Solving Proportions Hw Packet


Wednesday-  Chapter 3 Study Guide


Thursday- Chapter 3 Practice Test (24 problems)


Friday- 6.1-6.2 Inequality Homework



Week of 11/22-


Monday- Section 3.4 p.154 #1, 2, 9, 11, 13, 17, 18, 37-46

Section 3.5 p.160 #31, 33, 35


Tuesday- Fraction Equation HW Worksheet


Wednesday-  None- Thanksgiving Break


Thursday- No School- Happy Thanksgiving


Friday-No School



Week of 11/15-


Monday- Section 9.2 and 10.4 HW packet


Tuesday- Quiz Practice 3.1-3.3, 9.2, 10.4


Wednesday-  Nothing Official


Thursday- Section 3.4 p.154-155 #21-33 odd

Section 3.5 p.160 #19-29 odd


Friday- 10 question worksheet based on classwork


Week of 11/8


Monday- Exponent Checkpoint


Tuesday- Section 3.1 p.135-137 #31-37 odd, 43-49 odd, 54-56 all

Section 3.2 p.141-142 #25-45 odd, 50

Section 3.3 p.147 #19-24 all


Wednesday-  Worksheet- Joke 91 and 21


Thursday- Multi-Step Equations Worksheet


Friday-10 question worksheet based on classwork



Week of 11/1


Monday- Chapter 1/2 Review packet


Tuesday- Election Day- No School


Wednesday-  Nothing Official- Do you owe work?


Thursday- No School


 Friday- No School


Week of 10/25


Monday- Chapter 8 Study Guide- the odds


Tuesday- Chapter 8 Study Guide- the evens


Wednesday- Nothing Official- do you owe work?


Thursday- Properties or Equality etc worksheet


Friday- Independent Friday Study Guide


Week of 10/18


Monday- 8.5 HW Packet- Multiplying and Dividing in Scientific Notation


Tuesday- 8.5 HW Packet- Adding and Subtracting in Scientific Notation


Wednesday- Scientific Notation Review Homework


Thursday- 8.6/8.7 Homework Packet


Friday- 10 question handout based on classwork



Week of 10/11


Monday- No School


Tuesday- Power to a Power Worksheet


Wednesday- Worksheet 34


Thursday- Understanding Scientific Notation Hw packet


Friday- 10 question worksheet




Week of 10/4


Monday- 8.1,8 8.2, and 2.6 Homework worksheet


Tuesday- Worksheet 12.7


Wednesday- Packet starting with Joke #30




Friday- 10 question worksheet based  on classwork




Week of 9/27


Monday- Chapter 1,2 Review Part 1


Tuesday- Chapter 1,2 Review Part 2


Wednesday- Chapter 1, 2 Practice Test


Thursday- None


Friday- 10 question worksheet based on classwork




Week of 9/20


Monday- Real Numbers and Properties HW


Tuesday- Real Numbers, Comparing and Estimating HW


Wednesday- Section 10.1 Classifying Polynomials HW packet


Thursday- Section 10.1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials HW packet


Friday- 10 question worksheet



Week of 9/13


Monday- Section 1.5 and 1.3 Homework Packet


Tuesday- Sections 2.6 and 2.7 Day 1 Homework Worksheet


Wednesday- No Homework


Thursday- No School


Friday- 10 question worksheet based on classwork



Week of 9/6


Monday- Labor Day


Tuesday- No School


Wednesday- Section 2.2 Worksheet


Thursday- Order of Operations Worksheet


Friday- SR #1 due Wednesday



 Week of 9/1






Wednesday- get Policy Signed