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Welcome to 8 South Math 2019-2020

Ms. Kiefer and Mrs. Daniello

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Look for homework listings and notices under the appropriate period. Homework is listed on the day it is assigned and is due the following class day, unless indicated otherwise. If the assignment involves a handout, the handout will be available from the classroom, not on the website.




The 8th grade math curriculum involves the study of Algebra. In order to review, maintain and improve/enhance pre-algebra math skills, students will have weekly assignments that cover these topics. Spiral Review Homework (SR HW) assignments will be on colored paper. In general, they will be distributed on Friday, due on the following Wednesday, graded and filed in each student's independent folder by the following Monday. An SR STUDY GUIDE that accompanies the assignment will be available on the website.

All SPIRAL REVIEW work (SR HW and the REDO's) is graded. Students must keep all SR materials in the SR section of their math binder. 


Spiral review corrections are optional and will count as extra credit for any student who does them.
Do work on a SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER. It does not have to be a full sheet.
Include your name, period, date, Spiral Review number and a list of the problems you have redone. 
For each multiple choice problem (the correct answer will be circled) – 
If the problem was marked (SW), you must show all work that gets to the correct answer  
If the problem does not require work, you must write a complete sentence to explain your mistake AND why the correct answer is correct.
For the open-ended, you must answer the incorrect part or parts. This means you must show work for the incorrect part(s) and include an explanation of what you did to make each correction. 
STAPLE the paper to the BACK of the Spiral Review homework it goes with. 
Place in the bin provided in the classroom.