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Art Materials

Many of these art supplies can be bought on line or at various department stores and pharmacies.

Drawing Pencils: These can be bought individually or in a pack. The packs contain different leads from soft to hard (9B is the softest which is very dark and then all the way to the hardest 9H which is very light). 


Colored Pencils:

There are a variety of sets and I would stay with student grade. Try to buy the packs with the most colors.



Primary: red, blue, and yellow Secondary: purple, orange, and green Neutral: white, black, brown


Hard Cake Tempera Paint sets.


Tubed Acrylic Paint Student Grade sets or buy paints individually.


Watercolor pencils are excellent for water color.



Sketch Books and Drawing Pads: These come in various sizes, soft cover and hard cover, and for drawing and/or painting.


Watercolor paper for painting.



Gel pens, ballpoint pens of different colors (very little mess)