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Art Class Polices

1. Respect yourself

2. Respect others

3. Respect the art room

4. Respect the art materials and art tools

5. Be creative and imaginative

6. Give your best effort

7. Have fun learning about art and design


Art Class Grading Practices

The art classes for all grades at Round Valley School are taught within the New Jersey State Art Standards for visual art. The art projects are mostly production which focus on the elements and principles of design with the inclusion of art history, criticism, and aesthetics. Each project this year will have five grades: project concept, imagination and creativity, effort, principles of design (unity, balance, proportion, pattern/rhythm, emphasis), elements of design (texture, form, space, shape, color, line), project final appearance. Each grade has a potentional high score of seventeen. Each project unit will be graded by both student and teacher using a grading rubric. There will be four or five art project units using different art media to be completed during the school year.