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3rd Grade


Each class will meet for 30 minutes two times during a six day schedule.


Art extensions (30 minute extra art time) will be added to the schedule.




 Introduction and review of the Principles and Elements of art and Design for each unit.




Drawing Unit  


Pop-up Drawing 1    Pop-up Drawing 2


Pop-up Drawing 3   Pop-up Drawing 4


Color Unit


Lizard&FishOilPastel1  Lizard&FishOilPastel2


Lizard&FishOilPastel3  Lizard&FishOilPastel4


Lizard&FishOilPastel5  Lizard&FishOilPastel6


Painting Unit


Painting  Watercolor


Painting           Painting


Collage Unit


 Collage  Collage 

Collage  Collage


 Collage  Collage