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Round Valley School Art

Patrick Gugliandolo

Art Educator- Unified Arts


128 Cokesbury Road
Lebanon, N.J. 08833
Phone: (908) 236- 6341 Ext. 214
Fax: (908) 236- 2847

The art classes at Round Valley School are taught within the New Jersey State Art Standards for the visual arts. At the beginning of the marking period, the students be given a review on the principles and elements of design. This will give the students a strong base for the upcoming art units. The project units are mostly production with focus on the elements and principles of design with the inclusion of essential questions and some art history, criticism, and aesthetics. The students will start to realize that art production, history, criticism, aesthetics, and the state standards are all included in the world around them from fine art work to product design. Each project starts off with a video or two on the project technique or an particular art style. Then a slide show introduction of professional artwork from famous artists as well as work from former students. I show these videos and slides so that students can get a good vision of what is expected. Then they will write or draw down the ideas that interests them the most and use these ideas in their own project concept. This type of introduction into a unit is a great way to get the creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm into their project. A final grade will also be given upon completion of each project. Students will be graded on project concept, effort, imagination and creativity, principles of design, elements of design, and project final appearance.


Please join Google classroom. Assignments will be posted there while we are on home-instruction.