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Middle School Math


Middle school is one of the best times to begin exploring mathematics: this subject for many middle school kids is scary. Trying to get rid of this fear of middle school math from the students can be a tough job for the teachers.   Middle school math contains topics such as: fractions, geometry, formulas, conversions and general math. Mathematics at middle school level should teach students to intelligently logic out the formulas and apply math in their daily life.


Teaching math at middle school level can be very challenging. Teaching concepts, which are applicable in real life, is a tough job, but with the collection of resources and questions to practice, the fear of math in students can be tackled.  Learning mathematics at any level can be fun provided proper concepts are embedded in the minds of those who teach and in those who study them. 



Cool Middle School Math Web Sites



    Fun and interesting activities for all ages. Utilizes Java Applications to create a way to look at different mathematical concepts. Some are more for fun, but most are useful. 


    Very good site for a variety of middle school math topics. 


    A middle school game with fractions, decimals and other school stuff. 


    Large list of math sites.