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TREP$   (enTREPreneur$)



CTMS is proud to sponsor an enrichment program for our students called TREP$.  

This award winning program is designed to empower children by providing a fun, project-based learning experience.  

Students will develop a business plan and create a product or service.  

The whole school community comes out to enjoy the TREP$ Marketplace,

where the students launch their businesses together.

The Marketplace will be at school, in the cafeteria and the gym, on an evening in April.


More about the program, including videos and testimonials,

can be found on the official website at  

Several schools in our area have a TREP$ program, so you can ask your friends about their experiences!


TREP$ requires students to be truly committed to their business.

Much of the product development will be done at home, so parent/family involvement is essential. The workshops will be spread out over 3 months, and will take place during the school day. 



Online registration will open in December 2022.

Contact Ms. Cormican in room 100 or [email protected]