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Law Fair (Grade 6)


Law Adventure (Grades 7 & 8)



The New Jersey Bar Foundation conducts a contest every year where students interested in law have the opportunity to develop and write a mock court case. There are two seperate sections: in Grade 6 it is called Law Fair and in  7th & 8th Grade it is called Law Adventure.


In order to participate, students must complete an application, which includes a recommendation from their previous Social Studies teacher. They must have excellent writing and language skills, and show willingness to take on an extra challenge.  Not all students will be selected, as this is a small group enrichment activity. 


Once the selections have been made, groups will be formed, and students will be scheduled.  Typically, they will miss thier Social Studies class about once a week. Students will be be required to make up work that they miss in class. Some students may have a modified schedule on Law days.  


Our groups will learn about laws, invent a case, and write up a case brief for the contest.


The contests are submitted in January and winners are notified in March. Winners will write a mock trial script and perform their case in front of a judge at the Law Center in New Brunswick.


If you are interested in joining Law Fair or Law Adventure, applications will be posted HERE in the fall. 


See Ms. Cormican if you have any questions!