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Welcome to 8 North Math 2022 - 2023



Mrs. Chynoweth   [email protected] 
Ms. Rogers           [email protected]
For information on how to contact us, overview of class expectations, material requirements, etc. please see the policy  Policy 21 22 North.pdf (this policy will be updated with minr changes in late August 2022) 
Textbooks will be distributed within the first week of school in Septemeber. They are to be kept at home to use as a reference and/or for homework/practice. They will be collected after the final exam in June.

Look for homework listings and notices through Google Classroom. In google classroom,  the STREAM gives short term information, but it is better to go to the CLASSWORK section of google classroom. Here work will be organized into TOPIC SECTIONS and by date. 


Whether we are physically in the classroom or under conditions of distance learning, it is critical that all math work be done neatly and completely on paper, either the paper provided, a printout of the pdf file, or on a separate piece of paper (SPP). 


Completed daily homework should be organized by date in the student's math binder. 



The 8th grade math curriculum involves the study of Algebra. In order to review, maintain and improve/enhance pre-algebra math skills, students will have assignments (weekly) that cover a variety of topics.


Spiral Review Homework (SR's) assignments will be on colored paper and/or avaliable as a pdf file in the google classroom. Usually they will be distributed on Friday and due on the following Wednesday. These assignments are graded for correctness, but may be pre-checked prior to submittal. Refer to the assignment instructions posted in the google classroom. All SR's should be submitted on paper. 


An SR STUDY GUIDE, providing definitions and examples, accompanies each SR and is available as an attachment to the assignment in google classroom.


Graded and returned SR's should be organized by date in the student's math binder. 



In addition to SR's, students will be given a Weekly Review Assignment (WR) to complete in school. These assignments are usually given out on Monday and are due on Friday and are graded for correctness (asking questions is encouraged).


WR's should only become work to do at home if they are not completed during classtime. Time will be available during class and Hawk time. These assignments can be pre-checked prior to submittal.


Graded and returned WR's should be organized by date in the student's math binder. 


CURRICULUM: Copy and paste