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Welcome to 8 North Math 2020 - 2021



Mrs. Chynoweth 
Ms. Kiefer   
Mrs. Dandeo
Ms. Knapp  
For information on how to contact us, overview of class expectations, material requirements, etc. please see the policy  Policy MATH 20 21.pdf . 
To be kept at home to use as a reference and/or for homework/practice

Extra help is offered virtually during teacher office hours, generally Tuesday - Friday, from 1:30 - 2:30. Meeting links are posted in the classroom banners or through google classroom stream.

Look for homework listings and notices through Google Classroom. Homework will usually consist of watching a video lesson (usually 10 - 20 minutes) or doing practice. Also, classwork not completed during the normal class time should be completed by midnight and submitted through a google form.


The google form is setup to check student answers so there is feedback on the correctness of work. This presents challenges because of the formatting limitations in communicating math symbols through google and the variety of ways to express the same answer. Students should review their work and determine whether answers marked incorrect are due to formatting issues (ignore) or due to mis-calculations (take note) or due to misconceptions (follow up with teacher if not understood).  


Whether we are physically in the classroom or under conditions of distance learning, it is critical that all math work be done neatly and completely on paper, either the paper provided, a printout of the pdf file, on a separate piece of paper (SPP), or using annotation software (Kami).  This work should be organized by date in the student's math binder in the section called WORK. 



The 8th grade math curriculum involves the study of Algebra. In order to review, maintain and improve/enhance pre-algebra math skills, students will have assignments (weekly) that cover these topics. Spiral Review Homework (SR HW) assignments will be on colored paper and/or avaliable as a pdf file. They will be distributed on Thursday and/or Friday and due on the following Thursday/Friday. Directions for prechecking and submitting these assignments is included in the assignment instructions. An SR STUDY GUIDE, providing definitions and examples, accompanies each homework is available as an attachment to the assignment.