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Welcome to 8 North Math 2018 - 2019



NOTE: Before and after school extra help will not be available starting the 4th marking period (April 8). Students can still receive extra help by making arrangments to see a math teacher at HAWK time during the school day.


Mrs. Chynoweth 
Mrs. Mann     


For information on how to contact us, extra help (see note above), homework policy, material requirements, etc. please see the policy  Policy 18 19 North.pdf 
Textbooks are to be kept at home. 
TEXTBOOKS TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN SEPTEMBER during the first/second week of school.

These sessions are offered to give time outside of class to ask questions or to make up work including tests/quizzes. At least one math teacher, from either 8th grade team, will be volunteering their time. These sessions are subject to change.
MORNING extra help will begin at 7:20 AM, MONDAY - FRIDAY. AFTER SCHOOL extra help is on Tuesday and Thursday until 3:00. Extra help is held in either room 102 with Ms. Kiefer and/or TBD or room 116 with Mrs. Chynoweth and/or Ms. Mann. 

Look for homework listings and notices under the appropriate period. Homework is listed on the day it is assigned and is due the following class day, unless indicated otherwise. If the assignment involves a handout, the handout will be available from the classroom.



The 8th grade math curriculum involves the study of Algebra. In order to review, maintain and improve/enhance pre-algebra math skills, students will have weekly assignments that cover these topics. Spiral Review Homework (SR HW) assignments will be on colored paper. In general, they will be distributed on Friday and due on the following Wednesday. They will be graded and returned for correction and/or filing.  An SR STUDY GUIDE that accompanies the homework will be available on the website.


ALL SPIRAL REVIEWS AND WEEKLY REVIEWS CAN BE TURNED IN FOR PRE-CHECKING DURING THE WEEK. It is the student's responsibility to drop off and pick up the assignment using the bins provided. Problems that are correct will be marked as such. Incorrect problems will have no markings.