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Welcome to 8th grade language arts! We are looking forward to a year of exploration, discovery, and achievement.


Our goal is to help you learn and grow in an environment where you feel comfortable but challenged. Most of all, we want you to experience the joy and power of the written word, both as a reader and as a writer.


What we expect from you:

Come to class prepared to learn each day, with homework done and LA materials in hand

Be willing to try new things

Actively participate in the class

Make an honest effort every day

Show respect and kindness to your classmates and teachers

Show respect for the resources in the room



What we’ll be doing this year…



Night by Elie Wiesel

Historical Fiction

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Shakespearean Sonnets

Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare

Argumentative Writing

Accelerated Reader



What you need to know about language arts class homework….


Students have a standing homework assignment to read for 20 minutes each day.  Some of this reading may be accomplished at school. Students will always be reading either an assigned book or an independent reading choice book during the year (sometimes both).


In general, students are required to hand homework in on time for full credit.

1/2 credit for homework that is one day late

No credit for homework more than one day late


Please refer to specific homework requirements/grading for Accelerated Reader (AR) below. Be sure to read about homework and absences.

Independent Reading / Accelerated Reader

During independent reading units, you are required to read a (teacher-and-parent-approved) book. You should bring this book to class each day. You should be prepared to conference with your teacher about this book at any time.

You will set reading goals with your teacher; goals will be met by passing on-line quizzes or other teacher-provided assessments.


What you need to do after an absence…

It is YOUR responsibility to approach a teacher and ask for missed class work and homework.


Any homework that was assigned prior to your absence and was due during your absence is due on the first day of your return. It is YOUR responsibility to remember to hand them in.


It is also YOUR responsibility to pick up missed homework assignments and get them handed in. You must complete these assignments and hand them in within two school days. (NOTE: If you were absent for more than one day, due dates will be based on length of absence – please see the teacher).



What you need to know about assessment (grades!)…

The LA grade you earn is based on points scored on:


30% Tests / Large Projects and Writing Assignments

30% Quizzes / Smaller Projects and Writing Assignments/Membean Quizzes 

20% Homework/Membean 

10% Classwork/Participation/NoRedInk (Grammar) 

10% AR