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About Ms. Tepper



  • This is my 19th year working in the Clinton Township School District

  • I currently live in Stewartsville with my wife, and we have 2 college aged daughters.  :)  

  • While in the CTSD, I have worked as the Behavior Specialist for 8 years, the teacher in all our classrooms for children with autism, as well as a co-teacher in both 5th and 2nd grade inclusion classrooms.

  • I love doing jigsaw puzzles, the really hard ones, and have recently started some rather intricate paint by numbers projects.





About Mrs. Bartram

  • This is my 23th year working for Clinton Township School District.  I have taught first, second and third grade here. When my children were little, I was a Teaching Assistant in the Little Stars Program.
  • I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and lived for a long time in the midwest.  The Chicago Cubs will always take first place with me.
  • I have two adult children, a son and a daughter, who live on opposite U.S. coasts.
  • Before coming to Clinton Township, I worked for the Center for American Archeology, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Edgewood College, and taught 3rd and 6th grade in a private school.  I also lived for a year in a tent in Botswana, Africa as part of an anthropological research team.
  • I have many hobbies including hiking, reading and creating things out of recycled materials.