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Students will be assigned homework daily.  In class, they will write down their homework in their HW book. The HW book will be kept in their backpack, and will return to school every day. Most homework is included in the weekly homework packet, which goes home on Momday, and is due back om Friday.  Assignments may include:  Mathematics, Reading, Spelling, Geography, Test Skills, Writing or Cursive. Parents are asked to check that homework is completed. 


Each day students should read a minimum of 30 minutes.  This can include reading books independently, or with a parent or family member.   On the weekend, they should also read a minimum of 30 minutes daily.   A weekly reading log is provided to keep track of the reading minutes. Every 100 minutes logged earns an Eagle Earning for our school store!  


Each night, there is a math homework page, which reviews the day's math lesson.  It is due back the next day.


Occasionally, there is a special project for Social Studies or Science.  These are done at home and presented in class.  Usually, there are a few weeks allowed to create these projects.  A rubric is included with specific requirements.  These are a lot of fun!