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Dear Parents:

 Hoping all of you are keeping safe through this world crisis. I am putting information for some work the students can do if they want something to do. This is OPTIONAL assignments. The students will not be held responaible as far as grading is concerned.. Keep safe. Miss each of you.


Mrs. Dufreche


April 29, 2020

Dear Students and Parents:

Update from the Superintendent:

1. Meal to You Program will continue through June 30.

2. Ponchatoula High School  will have a graduation celebration on the school's facebook page on Friday, May 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Remember our Hunter is graduating so we all want to watch.

3. I will continue to make weekly contacts with you and/or your child. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

4. Additional resources  for home use for your child can be accessed through the TPSS website. Click on the Optional Resources for Home Learning

website. There are resources/activities for grades K-12. Within the next week, I will be making drop off visits to bring additional work to the students.

I will make arrangements with you regarding this matter.

5. Miss all of you. I am so proud of my students who are checking on their classmates and facetiming. Though it is not the same as being with your friends each day, you are sharing and speaking with each other. 

  Stay safe and I will be talking with each of you each week.Miss you guys.

Mrs. Dufreche