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Welcome to Room 22! 


Helpful information about First Grade at Wanaque School:


Snack Every Day:

 Please send your child to school with a dry snack and water each day.  
 Please place your child’s snack in a separate lunchbox or bag  labeled with name.



 Reading is our Reading Homework every night.  Please fill-in the Reading Log and return it every week to start a new one.



A new list of words will be sent out each week.  We will work on 10 words a week.  Please practice and review your child’s words with them throughout the week.

 Suggestions to practice at home:

Magnetic Letters
Make flash cards
Use salt in a tray, spell and read the words with your finger
Use a white board or chalkboard
Any other creative idea



Parent letter will be sent home every Unit for Math. 

Please use IReady for math standards skills practice.

 Continue to build fluency with math facts!  


 Birthday Celebrations: 

    If you wish, you may honor your child's birthday by donating a book to our classroom library. You can have your child put their name and date and reason for the book donation inside the front cover of the book.  Thank you!