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The Green Team 

The Green Team is the behavior management system at Golden Door. Students may receive a color change for poor choices and inappropriate behavior. 


You will be informed of your child's color everyday, please refer to the calendar that is taped to the front of their take home folders.

At the end of the day either Ms. Sciancalepore or Ms. Sandoval will mark how your child's day went.


When you see


  • A Gold box means that your child had an extraordinary day! They went beyond expectations, made good choices and were kind.
  • A Green box means that your child had a good day.This means that your child behaved appropriately and made good choices.  
  • A Yellow box means a warning has been issued. If their behavior does not change after a warning, their color will be changed to blue. 
  • A Blue box means thats your child has received a loss of 15 min. during recess and has been given alternate assignments to work on.
  • A Red box reflects continuous defiant behavior after yellow and blue were given (or an action strong enough for an office referral). 


An Immediate Office Referral or "non-negotiables" are when there has been physical contact with another student and illegal activity.

These actions will include intervention from Mr. Stiles or Mrs. Lopez. 


Further positive reinforcement includes students rewarded with prizes, special privileges and green team parties when they exemplify good behavior. 



We are currently implementing Classdojo! For more information click here  to see how you can create a parent account. Please note you must log in with your unique parent code in order to monitor your childs and the class' progress. Click here to see how the points system works in our class. 



When a table collectively works together they have the opportunity to get a point.


Secret Star Students

We pick two students throughout the day that we see participate throughout the day, make good choices, and have an overall green day.