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Homework Policy:

A green slip will be sent home each time your child misses a homework assignment. Please sign it and return the slip the next school day. If your child misses 3 homework assignments in any subject within the same marking period, he/she will get an after school detention (2:45 to 3:30) the next school day. 


Grading Scale:

A  90-100

B   80-89

C   70-79

D   65-69

F   64 and below





Two Reward Systems:

1) Independent Reward:

Each student can earn tickets during the school day. During the first week of school, as a class we will discuss what traits and actions it means to demonstrate good citizenship and behavior in and outside of the classroom. A list of good citizenship/behavior will be displayed in our classroom for the children to see and model throughout the school year. Once a child earns 10 tickets, they can earn a prize in the prize box! :)


However, if a child misbehaves in any way, then a ticket can be taken away...

               1 ticket = 5 minutes off free play Friday

               2 tickets = 10 minutes off free play Friday

               3 tickets = After school detention

A detention slip will be sent home on the day the 3rd ticket is taken away, along with the reason on each ticket why your child got the ticket taken away. The detention slip must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the next day and will serve the detention that next school day. *Friday's is also Double can earn double or get double taken away!*




2) Whole Class Reward:

In addition, we also have a whole class reward...the Marble jar! Marbles can be earned through good listening, lining up quietly, working hard and quietly during independent or paired work, etc...this reward is a GROUP effort! However, marbles can also be taken away! For each good act, the students can earn between 3 to 5 marbles; Friday's are double marbles earned! Once the class earns all 250 marbles, it is time to celebrate! My goal for 3A is to have at least 1 party per marking period!